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Carer Support South Lakes

Carer Support South Lakes


There are around 7 million carers in the UK; it’s estimated that 3 in every 5 people will take the role at some point in their lives.* Carer Support South Lakes (CSSL) provide essential support to over 1,300 carers within South Lakeland, including parent, young adult and young carers. They offer a range of services to people of any age who care, unpaid, for a friend or family member who cannot cope without their support due to illness, disability, mental health problems or addiction.


A strategic plan was developed by CSSL to further improve its sustainability as an organisation, ensuring it can consistently deliver its social objectives. Part of this was to develop a cost effective, affordable and quality Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) service for carers and the wider public. In the last 5 years there has been a 180% increase in the number of LPA registrations in the UK. This legal document gives individuals more control over what happens to them if they are unable to make their own decisions due to illness. Data shows that 45% of people attempting to register online fail to complete the process. To help address this, CSSL delivered a pilot LPA scheme, offering impartial guidance to complete paperwork and registration of documentation. The pilot provided a valuable service to clients, helping improve quality of life by reducing vulnerability and offering peace of mind.

We worked closely with CSSL to offer assistance and advice around shaping the initial proposal and identifying learning opportunities from their pilot project. Livv Investment are also an access point to the Reach Fund, an investment readiness grant. We supported CSSL with their successful application, then linked them to an organisation who could assist with preparing a three year business plan. Once CSSL were ready to apply for further investment, we worked with them to prepare and secure an application for a £14,500 grant and £35,500 loan to provide working capital and support marketing, recruitment, training and equipment.

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